Current status and roadmap

Mario Sánchez Prada <mario@igalia.com>

WebKit and WebKitGTK+

What is WebKit?

What is WebKit?

What is WebKitGTK+?

Who is using WebKitGTK+?


What is WebKit2?

WebKit2: API & Process Boundaries

WebKit2: API & Process Boundaries

WebKit2: State of the art

  • WebKit2 announced back in April 2010
  • Apple and Qt already released WK2 browsers
  • Epiphany with WK2 support in GNOME 3.6
  • WebKit2GTK+ stable API to be released soon
  • Cross-platform C API exists, internally used
  • Most challenges of multi process model solved
  • Tests running, need to deploy more test bots
WebKitGTK+: Current Status

Previously in WebKitGTK+...

  • Migrated to GTK+ 3.x. Kept GTK 2.x support.
  • Independent JavaScriptCore library
  • Improved HTML5 support
  • WebGL support (not enabled by default)
  • GObject bindings for the DOM
  • On-disk network cache
  • Spell checking APIs
  • Improvements in accessibility support
  • Basic support for WebKit2 (WebKit2GTK+)

Stable release (1.8)

  • Improvements in performance (backing store)
  • DFG JIT compiler enabled in JavaScriptCore
  • HTML5 history APIs
  • WebGL support built by default
  • Initial support for Accelerated Compositing
  • Experimental support for WebAudio
  • Geolocation API built by default
  • Preliminary version of WebKit2GTK+ API
  • Enabled accessibility support in WebKit2GTK+
WebKitGTK+: Roadmap

WebKitGTK+ Roadmap


  • In maintenance mode from GNOME 3.6 on
  • Epiphany no longer using WK1 after 3.8
  • Other apps could start migrating as well


  • Beta version of WebKit2GTK+ API for GNOME 3.6
  • New development will happen in WebKit2GTK+
  • Parallel installable with WebKit1

Next stable release (1.10)

  • Support for Accelerated Compositing
  • WebGL enabled by default
  • Support for HTML5 Fullscreen and WebAudio
  • Multimedia layer ported to GStreamer 0.11
  • Support for the Low-Level Interpreter in JSC
  • Beta version of the WebKit2GTK+ API:
    • Context menus, Web Inspector, on-disk cache
    • HTML5 fullscreen, cookies, geolocation
    • Favicons, spell-checking, print support
    • Documentation, GI annotations
  • More tests running and passing (also for WK2)

Upcoming releases (2.0, 2.2...)

  • First stable API of WebKit2GTK+ for 2.0
  • Stabilization of the WebKit2GTK+ API
  • Add more API to WebKit2GTK+ as required
  • HW accelerated Video Rendering
  • Integration of the cairo-gl backend
  • Port more apps to WebKit2GTK+ (yelp, ephy...)
Wrapping up


  • Mature port of WebKit, used everywhere
  • Released regularly (every 6 months)
  • Suitable for writing modern browsers
  • Great option for embedders
  • Lots of improvements during the previous months
  • WebKit1 in maintenance mode since GNOME 3.6
  • WebKit2GTK+ beta API since GNOME 3.6
  • Stable WebKit2GTK+ API expected for 3.8
  • Epiphany with WK2 by default expected for 3.8

Reporting bugs and Contributing

  • www.webkit.org
  • bugs.webkit.org
  • www.webkitgtk.org
  • trac.webkit.org/wiki/WebKitGTK/WebKit2Roadmap
  • Mailing lists:
    • webkit-gtk@lists.webkit.org
    • webkit-dev@lists.webkit.org
  • IRC channels on irc.freenode.net:
    • #webkitgtk+ and #webkit