Who am I?

Born in 1981 in Santiago de Compostela and lived in the four provinces of Galicia (Spain).

Having spent my teens in the beautiful city of Lugo, where I went to High School, I moved out to A Coruña in 2000 to study Computer Science Engineering.

There, I started working at Igalia back in late 2005 through an internship. I became an employee in early 2006 and finally turned into a partner of the company in October 2010.

After working in different kind of projects throughout those years, I´ve spent most of my time from 2010 until late 2012 hacking on WebKitGTK+ (the port of the WebKit web engine to the GTK+ platform) as part of Igalia´s WebKit team, by helping to improve accessibility support for ATK/AT-SPI based Assistive Technologies and to define and implement the new WebKit2GTK+ API.

In early 2013 I moved to the lovely town of Staines in the UK to join the A/V team in Samsung Research UK, in order to help make the SmartTV platform perform better rendering web content. After almost one year in the company, I moved to Samsung’s Open Source Group in November 2013, where I keep contributing upstream to the WebKit project and the WebKitGTK+ port.

Also, I’m a member of the awesome GNOME Foundation and the lead developer of a simple -yet powerful- flickr uploader for the GNOME desktop called frogr, which I work on in my spare time.

You can find more details about my past and present work in the Work and Talks sections in this website, as well as in my profile at LinkedIn.

Last, and besides work related stuff, I love spending my spare time with my family and friends, traveling, reading, listening to music, taking pictures and exercising, among other things


Feel free to drop me a line at mario [AT] this domain name [DOT] org. If needed, you can use my GnuPG Public Key ID for that address too: 0x930A0CF6 [ Download it ]

Additionally, you can also find me in many places out there in the Internet: