Who am I?

Born in 1981 in Santiago de Compostela and lived in the four provinces of Galicia (Spain).

I’ve graduated from the University of A Coruña (Spain) in 2006 with a MSc in Computer Engineering, and I’ve been working in the computing industry ever since. My main interests are Open Source Software and the development of Linux-based Operating Systems.

In a past life, I worked in a variety of projects such as Nokia’s Maemo platform, the automatic update system for Litl‘s Webbook, the Linux accessibility stack, Chromium/Blink and the WebKit project, as part of my positions in Igalia and Samsung Research UK.

At the moment, I work as a Linux software engineer at the desktop team of Endless, developing Endless OS: a new kind of operating system specifically aimed at providing access to technology for the next billion people in the developing world. As part of that team I’m currently focused on the development of the desktop’s “shell” and the application distribution story using Flatpak, which I maintain downstream together with other core components such as WebKit, Chromium, and the printing subsystem.

Additionally, I’m a member of the GNOME Foundation and the lead developer of a simple -yet powerful- flickr uploader for the GNOME desktop called frogr, which I work on in my spare time.

You can find more details about my past and present work in the Work and Talks sections in this website, as well as in my profile at LinkedIn.

Last, and besides work related stuff, I love spending my spare time with my family and friends, travelling, listening to music and taking pictures, among other things


You can find me in different places out there in the Internet:

Also, you can contact me by e-mail dropping me a line at mario [AT] this domain name [DOT] org.

My GnuPG Public Key: 9A98 AEBB 7E25 0E76 54CD 627A 1AB7 1886 930A 0CF6
(not to mistake with the fake GPG Key from Evil 32, with a different ID. More info on LWN)