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Vagalume: D-Bus support for its desktop version

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As you can check out in the mailing list archives:

…today I’ve finished the implementation of a new patch for Vagalume which will enable D-Bus support in the desktop version of this nice player, since so far D-Bus interaction was only allowed in the maemo platform (due to using functions from libosso for RPC methods, instead of dbus-glib).

So, this is how the vagalumectl script (formerly known as vagalume-dbus) would work from now on in a “regular” GNU/Linux machine:

mario@bender:~$ vagalumectl
(Vagalume will be automatically started if not already running)

play:              start playing the current radio
skip:              skip to the nex song in the current radio
stop:              stop playing the current radio
love:              mark the current song as ‘loved’
ban:               mark the current song as ‘banned’
tag :         change to a ‘global tag’ radio.
artist :   change to a ‘similar artists’ radio
group :     change to a ‘ group’ radio
loved :      change to a ‘loved’ radio for a specific user
neighbours : change to a ‘neighbours’ radio for a specific user
personal :   change to a ‘personal’ radio for a specific user
playlist :   change to a ‘playlist’ radio for a specific user
playurl :     just play the specified URL on Vagalume
volumeup [INC]:    increase playback volume
volumedown [INC]:  decrease playback volume
volume :    set the playback volume to a specific value
start:             start Vagalume (if not already running)
close:             close Vagalume (if not already closed)
help:              print this information

Double quotes are REQUIRED when specifying parameters to some commands,
such as TAG or ARTIST, because of the white spaces they might contain, e.g:

$ vagalumectl tag “hard rock”
$ vagalumectl artist “Led Zeppelin”

mario@bender:~$ vagalumectl loved homemaxico
Command ‘loved’ successfully executed

Well… perhaps not a too much useful ‘screenshot’ after all… but believe me, that’s the proof that D-Bus is working fine on my GNOME desktop from now on.

I hope you can enjoy the patch soon (as soon as Berto applies it to the SVN trunk)… perhaps in Vagalume 0.7 ;-), who knows…

Igalia Summit is over

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During this last weekend most of the igalians (me included) had a nice experience in a rural house of Pontevedra due to the Igalia Summit, June 2008 edition. There we were able to enjoy of the nature, perform a great Paintball match… and do several other kind of activities that always help to have some rest of daily work while keeping in touch with some mates that we sometimes don’t see very often (since we igalians usually work in our three different offices).

Also, the weather was so nice that I couldn’t find anything wrong regarding to the organization of this edition, so thanks and congratulations Eva for setting everything up in a so good way, I really had a good time there… and I think we all had it too indeed :-).

But now it’s time to get back to work again, so I’d better go to sleep right now, since I’m really tired. Moreover, I’ll have the opportunity to attend to more Summits in the future, so no time to be down now…

But first… here you are a picture of all of the igalians who attended to the Summit:

Igalia Summit, June 2008

Igalia Summit, June 2008 edition

See you in the next Summit!