Porting Frogr 0.2 to Maemo 5

During the last days (well, actually during the last nights [*]), I’ve been spending some time in adapting frogr 0.2 to also compile and work on my brand new N900 (thanks Igalia!), and this is the humble result up to date:

Frogr 0.2 for Fremantle

Perhaps you’re thinking why the hell I needed frogr to upload pictures when the N900 already comes with a nice and handy sharing application to upload pictures directly from the camera app or the image viewer, so here you have some use cases where I found the  sharing app not enough for my needs:

  • To upload several pictures in a row to flickr, instead of having to do it one by one (tipical use case after taking several pictures that I’d like to share/backup in flickr).
  • To set same name, description and/or tags to a bunch of pictures instead of doing it one by one (related to previous use case).
  • To be able to upload pictures as “private” instead of “public”.

Update: I’m correcting this post here since it seems the sharing application already was capable of doing some of those things I mentioned above (ups!). Anyway, as I commented there, this does not discourage me even a little bit of keeping porting my little frogr to Fremantle, but just encourage me to try to make a difference and because… why not to tell it? I’d just love to bring frogr with me wherever I go :-). Thanks Daniel for your comment!

Current status of this port to Fremantle is still work in progress so don’t expect to find anything working out-of-the-box if you download the source code at this moment, but the idea is to get it into a stable state soon to upload it to maemo-extras, along with a packaged version for Fremantle of the great flickcurl library, which is a requirement for frogr to work (and at this moment I’m jsut packaging and using it on my own for development purposes).

[*] I think the screenshot explains pretty well the main reason why I work so slowly and at late hours in frogr :-)

5 thoughts on “Porting Frogr 0.2 to Maemo 5

  1. Daniel Alonso

    Not that I find your effort unuseful, au contrair, but I must correct you as you can already publish/tag a batch of photos, for example:

    1) Go to the Photos application
    2) Click in the menu and select “Share images”
    3) Select as many images as you want to share
    4) Click the “Share” button and chose the sharing service (bluetooth, email, facebook, flickr, …)

    The samething for tagging

  2. mario

    :-O I didn’t know of that, really. Thanks for sharing.

    Actually, after taking a look into it I found that basically the three reasons I pointed out in the post to use frogr in the N900 are pointless since almost all of those use cases can be achieved with the sharing app: mutliple tagging and uploading and setting privacy options.

    The only thing I still haven’t found is the ability to edit name and description for several pictures at the same time… so perhaps there’s still hope for someone else to find frogr useful in the device :-)

    Anyway, I’m happy with frogr in the desktop and your comment didn’t discourage me from keeping working on the port for Fremantle, but just encouraged me to actually make a difference with the sharing app one day.


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  4. Rohan

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