Watching the WebKit buildbots from your Android phone

WebKit Watcher screenshotThis is a short post just to let the world know about my last pet-project, which I managed to name, after several hours struggling, WebKit Watcher.

WebKit Watchers is a really simple and minimalistic application that allows you to easily monitorize the status of the WebKit buildbots as you would do it through, but from your Android powered device.

It currently works as follows:

  • Supports watching the core builders only (as in this url)
  • Browse extra details about a builder/build/SVN commit through the browser
  • Requires manual refreshing (this is actually a feature to save battery :P)
  • Provides an ugly logo (could be uglier, though)

As I said, a really simple application that I wrote as part of my weekly hackfest time here at Igalia to satisfy my curiosity about trying out the Android SDK now I got a new phone while, at the same time, scratching an itch I had.

Next steps for following versions would probably go through adding some kind of support for periodical checks and notifications when some buildbots are red, adding support for non-core builders (while allowing the user to filter them out anyway, in case he/she wouldn’t be interested in those), and things like that…

By the way, I’m open to suggestions (and patches too), after all it was licensed as a Free Software project you can grab through several ways:

That’s all so far. Hope some of you will fint it useful too.

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  2. mario

    @fpp: it was a mistake while selecting the tags (too many “Planet x” tags). Now it’s fixed. Thanks for noticing

  3. mario

    I’ve just removed the tag and mailed to planet AT telling about the issue, but the post keeps showing up there. I think we’ll have to wait a bit tmore…

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