My first week at SERI

So, after almost 3 months of “holidays”, I’ve finally started working on my new job this Tuesday in Samsung Electronics Research Institute UK (aka SERI), where I’ll join a team mainly working in A/V and DTV related stuff while, at the same time, I’ll keep contributing to WebKit and WebKitGTK+.

Samsung Smart TV Unveils New Smart HubAs you can imagine, being the first week means that I mostly spent my time learning a lot of stuff about my new job and the tools I’d be using, as well as setting up my development environment and getting to know my colleagues and the things we’ll be working on.

But for the time being I have to say that my first impression has already been very positive and that I’m enthusiastically looking at the future and what it’s going to be next. Surely it will be a very different experience compared to what I was used to, but in a way that’s precisely what I was looking for, and so that’s why I feel very optimistic and motivated about it.

Also, and besides work related stuff, being a new resident in the UK also means that I had to spend some time doing some additional things, such as creating a bank account, getting a UK-based SIM card and starting to look for a place that should become our permanent residence in 2-3 months time, once my wife and my children move as well to the UK (they’re still in Spain), hopefully before Easter. Fortunately, being a EU citizen simplifies a lot the whole thing of coming here to work, since I don’t need any VISA or the like. Just my Spanish ID and/or Passport are more than enough.

Anyway, I’ve just arrived in the UK on Monday and started working on Tuesday (yeah, I love having big margins) so still much to do left, but I’m already on my way so it’s a matter of time that we are settled here, and that we start living the “English adventure” all together again.

But in the meanwhile we’ll have to live with me visiting them every 2-3 weeks and the typical audio/video conference tools.

Can’t wait!

9 thoughts on “My first week at SERI

  1. Teo Romera

    Mario you sound happy and optimistic (which is your natural state, anyway) and that is what makes things easy ;) You have great talent and attitude and I’m sure you would be successful in anything you do anywhere. Take care and the best of your luck for you and your family!

    1. mario Post author

      Sure we’ll see each other again one day. At the moment, it’s not in my plans to get sucked by a black hole or something! :-)

  2. Jorge y Noe

    I’m sure you’ll be ok. Good luck in this new adventure. Please stop sharing those amazing photos or we’ll be there by summer “by he face” ;)

  3. Mike Blumenkrantz

    Welcome to SRUK (we’ve been renamed)! Always good to have more OSS people on board. I’m from the EFL team, though currently I live in conference room 3 on the ground floor. Stop in sometime if you feel like chatting.

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