Back from California

As my mate Berto has already commented on his blog, we’re back from California after attending to the Mobile Rules! ’08 awards ceremony, and I’d like to say that we had a great time there, even though we didn’t win the prize… but being a finalist was already a very nice kind of price, don’t you think?

Mario at the San Jose City Hall Rotunda

Moreover, maybe we didn’t get the acknowledgement of being the “Mobile Ruler ’08” under the Multimedia category, but we met a lot of people indeed, and we enjoyed a lot of the event, which was nicely arranged to allow all the participants to meet each other and to have a good dinner at the San Jose City Hall Rotunda (look at the picture to see me in front of the beautiful San Jose City Hall).

So, maybe the next time we could have more luck with Vagalume, but now it’s the present and, as Berto said in his last post, it’s time to get back to work and keep on getting Vagalume even better with some nice improvements we already have in mind and others that I’m sure are still to come.

PS: This was the first time I’ve been to the US West Coast, and I have to say that I loved California… such a lovely place, such a lovely place. I hope I could go back soon :-)

4 thoughts on “Back from California

  1. mario


    And you should set up a picture of yourself in the planet as a Hackergotchie… or at least in the “About” section of your blog. Please API, let the world to know how handsome man you are!! (And don’t tell me about your Igalia crew’s picture, we want a full-body picture now!)


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  3. Paul Johnson

    Clearly you managed to visit California without having contact with the locals, or you’d be scarfing BC Powder trying to recover from a stupidity-induced headache.

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