Frogr 0.11 released

Screenshot of Frogr 0.11

So, after neglecting my responsibilities with this project for way too long, I finally released frogr 0.11 now, making the most that I’m now enjoying some kind of “parenting vacation” for a few days.

Still, do not expect this new release to be fully loaded of new features and vast improvements, as it’s more like another incremental update that adds a couple of nice new things and fixes a bunch of problems I was really unhappy about (e.g. general slowness, crashes).

Wrapping it up, the main changes included with this release are:

  • Moved to the new GTK+’s header bar plus the typical menu button when GTK+ >= 3.12 (GTK+ 3.4 is still supported). I personally like this change a lot, as it makes frogr much more compact and sleek IMHO, and much better integrated with newer releases of GNOME.
  • Added a new option to automatically replace the “date posted” field in flickr with the “date taken” value from the EXIF metadata when uploading pictures. Useful to keep your photo stream sorted regardless of when you uploaded which pictures. Thanks a lot to Luc Pionchon for requesting this feature. I never thought of it before, now I use it all the time!
  • Sped up the load of pictures into the main window, as it was a very slow process when importing tags from the XMP keywords was enabled. I measured a 3x improvement, but YMMV.
  • Fixed random crashes due to the missing initialization of the gcrypt library introduced with the recent changes to use SSL API end points. Thanks a lot Andrés for your help with this!
  • Fixed issues related to the OS X port, which prevented frogr 0.9 from having video support and caused many problems with the 0.10 release. Now it should be fine, grab the bundle from here.
  • Other things: removed calls to deprecated APIs, updated translations, fixed a few minor bugs and a bit of a clean-up here and there, which is usually good.

As usual, feel free to check the website of the project in case you want to know more about frogrhow to get it or how to contribute to it. I’m having a hard time lately to find time to devote to this pet project, so any help anyone can provide will be more than welcome :-) fosdem-15-logo

By the way, I’m going to FOSDEM this year again, so feel free to say “hi” if you want to chat and/or share a beer (or more!).

6 thoughts on “Frogr 0.11 released

    1. mario Post author

      Thanks for the correction. I can’t correct the release announcement email now, but I can certainly fix this post, so done.

      Still, there seems not to be a “black or white” thing either, apparently both “sped up” and “speeded up” are correct, with the first option being perhaps more common:

      Anyway, I’m not a native English speaker (as it’s obvious) so I’d rather trust your judgement better than mine on this topic :-)


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  2. Matt

    I discovered your program and started using it last week without any problems. Today I am not able to get it to work. It doesn’t connect to Flickr. I tried deleting the config folder, uninstalling and reinstalling, tried on another computer, but always the same: I hit OK on the “Authorize frogr” box, it says “Retrieving data for authorization” for a few seconds, then “Connection error: Bad request”.
    Any ideas? Thanks a lot.

      1. mario Post author

        I was about to say it looked like a server-side error, and it seems like it was that, indeed.

        Happy to see you have frogr working again! :)

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