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GNOME Party at GCDS 09

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Yesterday the GNOME Party took place and we all had a lot of fun there. There was food, drinks, live music performed by a bunch of “gnomies” and even the Ice Cream Deatchmatch took place there as well, and all this stuff “dressed” with a wonderful warm night to enjoy in a nice terrace here in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria… so looking backwards I think we can feel very satisfied of how things finally gone.

By the way, and talking about the Ice Cream Deathmatch, I have to say this was my first time taking part of such a contest and now I understand why it is a DEATH-match… as today I woke up with a “sugar-overflow failure” which will probably keep me away from more ice creams for some days :-)… you know, I need to survive yet another year to take part in the next edition of the contest :-)

At last I’d like to share with you a nice picture of the Jam session performed by some GNOME musicians:

Jam session at the Igalia Party

Jam session at the Igalia Party

Keep on rockin’ me baby…

Counting down for Guadec!

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As many of you know only two days are left now for Guadec and Guadec-es 2009, which will be located this year in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and which will be a “little bit” special this year because it will took place along with Akademy and Akademy-es. Actually, that’s why this year it’s named “Gran Canaria Desktop Summit”.

Thus, even though I had a great time last year in Madrid and Istanbul, I’m sure this time we’re going to have fun as never before and that it will be a perfect environment for sharing ideas, thoughts, knowledge… and perhaps even some beer at the wild parties social events both with the GNOME and KDE guys ;-).

I’m really really looking forward to being there with the rest of Igalia gang to start enjoying “the Guadec experience“… can’t actually believe I’ll be there just in three days! :-)

See you there guys!

Introducing Sergio and our brand new office at the same time

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As it was announced a long time ago, I was about to be a father soon… and look at me, the time has already come some weeks ago, and now I am actually a father since April the 15th. So, after one prudent month to better get in touch with him and get used not to sleep too much, the day before yesterday seemed to be like the perfect day to introduce him to a lot of people, friends and workmates, making the most of the Igalia’s new office opening party :-).

And there we were: Isa, Sergio and me in the middle of a party with a lot of people enjoying a very good time and having a lot of fun talking and having some beers (not the baby, though) both with people I use to see often and with people who I did not know of since several months (even years) ago… and among that personal satisfaction and fun, it was also great to hear a lot of comments like “what a awesome office dude” or “this is a really nice party, thanks for inviting me” all around the office. Some people inside Igalia pushed and worked really hard for this “working paradise” to be a reality and it finally even exceeded all the expectations, so this kind of comments are always welcome and very appreciated. So thanks!

In the other hand, and as it’s obvious (read this with a “tipical proud father voice”), people made a lot of (very nice) comments to me about my son who, by the way, behave incredibly well (very quiet all the time, even being in the middle of ~150  people talking (or shouting, remember we’re Spaniards ;-)) all the time. I only hope he keeps being so good as he’s now in the future, but that’s kind of question impossible to be answered right now. Only time will tell but in the meanwhile I can say he’s just great and that is the best thing which happened to me EVER :-)

Well, and that’s all. Today it was a long day of work and now I need to go to bed to sleep t least, say, 3-4 hours depending on “you know what” ;-)

If you wish, and of some other mates already told in their blogs, you can see some pictures in my flickr profile, both just about the new office or about the opening party. More pictures also available in Igalia’s flickr album and Enrique’s picasa gallery.

See you guys!